Temple’s 10 most notable alumni

We had everyone from Bundy to Toby Flenderson

Have you ever been so distracted while studying in Paley that you’ve imagined sitting in the same seat as Kevin Hart did? Well, for those wild dreaming procrastinators, its not a far off idea.

We’ve spent so much obsessing over Bill Cosby that we ended up ignoring the more notable alumni that actually deserve our attention.

Temple Owls are everywhere, so we’ve complied a list of the 10 most famous, memorable, and shocking people who spent time as students at Temple University.

Bob Saget

Family man of the hit sitcom “Full House,” Saget graduated from Temple in 1978 from the now Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. Philly.com mentions Saget as Temple’s most respected or most popular graduate after the downfall of Bill Cosby.

Ted Bundy

The notorious Theodore Robert Bundy his spent spring semester as an Owl in 1969 before returning to Washington where he would continue his sadistic serial killer career. Known as the “Campus Killer,” Temple University dodged the bullet on this one, as none of Bundy’s confirmed murders had any relation to the school. Although he cannot necessarily be called a notable or honorable alumni, it’s still an interesting fact about the university.

Jesse Williams

The bright-eyed heart throb of Grey’s anatomy, Jesse Williams, more commonly known as Dr. Jackson Avery, graduated with a dual degree in African American Studies and Media Arts. A Chicago native, Williams spent six years teaching in Philadelphia high schools before he followed his acting dreams and later landed his role as Dr. Avery.


Right under singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, and anti-Taylor Swift fan, Diplo can add Temple alum to his resume. Known originally as Thomas Pentz, Diplo started his career as a DJ in the very same tiny, sweaty basements we cram into every weekend. Diplo studied anthropology but received a degree in Film Studies in 2003.

Wes Walker

Another Temple alum who found success in our basement parties, Walker rose to fame with his hit single “Jordan Belfort.” If you’ve ever lived in a dorm, been to frat party, or walked down any street at any given time, you more than likely have heard the song playing. Walker, with Media Studies and Production major, “Jordan Belfort” has been played over 55 million times on Spotify.

Kunal Nayyar

Best known for playing Rajesh on “The Big Bang Theory,” Nayyar graduated from Temple in 2006 with a masters in fine arts for acting. Nayyar told Tattle Hollywood,

"Philly is a group of people who love each other and love their city. That’s why my wife and I have set up a foundation at Temple University. We give scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students in the acting program. That’s how much we love the university."

Kim Rhodes

Best known for playing the spikey hair mom Carey Martin on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kim Rhodes also earned her MFA from Temple. Thankfully Temple has helped Kim earn a better living than her job as the Tipton’s lounge singer did.

Dan “Soupy” Campbell

Dan Campbell literally came out swinging from a south Philly basement. Technically it could have been a north Philly basement with his Owl background. A 2011 graduate, earning a degree in English education, Campbell is now the front man for the band The Wonder Years. Campbell says his beliefs were strengthened during his time at Temple and uses that inspiration to write politically and socially charged songs.

Kevin Hart

While it is heavily debated if the comedic actor attended Temple or not, it’s a pretty cool to think it is true. Some sources claim Hart attended the University for just two years before dropping out to pursue his current career but a quote from Hart himself has us thinking otherwise.

"Anytime you fail a pop quiz in community college… education might not be the thing for you,” Hart told debosethevoice.com.

Whether he was ever actually an Owl or not, we can claim Hart as a Philly alumni, nonetheless.

Toby Flenderson

One of the most hated employees at Dunder Mifflin, Toby Flenderson flaunted his Temple University diploma in an episode of “The Office.” The human resource employee earned his degree in Social Work before taking the first job he could find in Scranton, PA. Although Toby is not Temple’s most unfortunate graduate, this one we like to keep swept under the rug.

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