VS PINK at Temple is accepting applications for campus representatives

The deadline is April 10th

Victoria’s Secret PINK at Temple University is now accepting applications for PINK representatives through the PINK Nation App. The deadline to apply is on Monday, April 10th.

As seniors, current PINK campus representatives, Samantha Ferguson and Vanessa Fattizzo, will be graduating from Temple University in a few weeks, and are looking for people to fill their positions.

Throughout the past year, Samantha and Vanessa have worked as a team to organize and plan all of the VS PINK events on campus, as well as run the PINKTempleU social media sites.

Samantha, an Advertising major, and Vanessa, a Communication Studies major, knew they wanted to differentiate themselves from the campus representatives before them. They worked to leave their own mark on VS PINK at Temple, and hope the next team will do the same.

To give potential applicants a glimpse of what it’s like being a PINK campus representative at Temple University, the Tab Temple asked Samantha and Vanessa a few questions.

What made you want to become a VS PINK Campus Representative at Temple University?

Samantha: My mom didn’t buy me PINK growing up, so when I went to college, that’s when I finally had the opportunity to buy brands that I wanted. PINK has had a presence throughout my entire college career. I also knew PINK had a really developed Campus Rep program so I felt it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Vanessa: I was always buying PINK through high school and college. I can always be seen in it, whether it’s leggings, sweatpants, or Temple gear. Once I came to Temple and found out about the Campus Rep program, I knew I had to be a part of it!”

What are some of the responsibilities that come with the role?

Samantha: We are in charge of running all of the PINKTempleU social accounts and communicating marketing and in-store promotions to our followers. We also will plan events on campus to coincide with in-store promotions or new products.”

Vanessa: Sam and I get to create content for the different PINKTempleU platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, to tell girls about different in-store promotions or new products. We hold events centered around new product launches, like active wear and Spring Break apparel.”

How would  you describe your experience as a VS PINK Campus Representative?

Samantha: “I would say that it’s my favorite internship experience that I’ve had. I feel like I actually learned something. It’s the perfect combination of being creative, but also having some direction. I’ve learned a lot about the company, as well as a lot about myself.”

Vanessa: “It was so surreal to be working with a company that I’ve always loved. You really gain a lot of insight about what the company wants and how they operate. I think it was the perfect mix of promoting my favorite brand and getting involved at Temple.”

What has been your favorite part?

Samantha:Definitely working with our awesome Campus Team. I’ve got to meet a lot of amazing and strong-willed girls who all share a love for the PINK brand regardless of their major. Also developing a close friendship with my Co-Rep has been equally amazing.”

Vanessa: I have so many things that I’ve absolutely loved about this experience, but I’ll narrow it down to two! I’ve absolutely loved working with my co-Rep. We went from practically strangers to talking all the time about PINK and the different contests we want to hold. It’s been awesome having her by my side, especially when I’m stressing and she’s there to calm me down. The second thing I loved was being able to see all of the girls on Temple’s campus who love this brand just as much as I do. We had a record breaking PINK Bus stop this spring and the girls LOVED the Temple PINK line!”

How do you think this position has helped you for your future career?

Samantha: “I’m planning on going into the fashion industry once I graduate so the skills I’ve been able to develop from being a VS PINK Campus Rep are going to transition perfectly into my career. It’s taught me how to effectively time manage, communicate clearly, and has shown me that my obsession with being detail oriented isn’t something to be ashamed of.”

Vanessa:I think this position has definitely taught me what good and bad social content looks like and how to productively market an event or product. I’ve gained so much experience taking photos of products on and off body for our social channels. I’ve learned different ways to market the events we’ve had on campus, like flyering in different dorms.”

What advice do you have for the next VS PINK Campus Representatives at Temple University?

Samantha:Don’t aim to do the same things Vanessa and I did. We are so proud of how we were able to grow the PINK presence at Temple, but I definitely want the future reps to aim higher and to surpass our accomplishments.”

Vanessa: Going off of what Sam said, aim to go beyond what we accomplished. Just like Lindsey Casella and Greta Hartsell (the Reps before us), I think Sam and I were definitely able to get Temple on the map! We want to make sure Temple PINK is always something Temple students and alums want to be repping and keep girls excited about the different things PINK has going on.”

If you would like to become a PINK campus representative for Temple University, download the PINK Nation App to apply. The last day to send applications is on Monday, April 10th.


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