This snowstorm is ruining our ‘Spring’ break and we are not okay with that

Thanks a lot Stella

We have been waiting for this break for months. We have counted down the days, the hours, the minutes until this moment finally arrived—and then a major snowstorm ruins all of our plans.

In February, we were blessed with the first snow day at Temple University since 2014 and we rejoiced.

However, what are the odds of the biggest snowstorm to fall right in the middle of our glorious ‘Spring’ break?

Governor Tom Wolf has already signed a Proclamation of Disaster Emergency for Pennsylvania, which restricts but not prohibits travel on interstate highways and turnpikes.

Of course, the cruel irony of it all is the perfect temperatures we were having before the break.

Why can’t the weather be back in the 60’s again

With weather reports ranging from 6-24 inches starting tonight, it’s time to prepare for the inevitable nagging to get out of bed and to shovel the driveway.

While many of us will earn profit from cleaning our neighbor’s driveways, we can’t help but to think how this snowstorm is ruining everything.

We could have used this one day to go out to the city or to hike with our friends, but instead we’re stuck inside our homes because of Storm Stella. It’s inevitable that the roads will be a mess and traffic will be brutal.

I can’t help but to think, “Was it too much to ask for good temperatures during our Spring Break?”

If you’re really lucky, you’re currently lying on a beach laughing at those of us who are stuck in our parent’s house.

Students who are currently somewhere tropical are the smart ones, in all honesty. They knew Mother Nature had something sneaky in her plans for Temple students and other college students in the area.


Yes, we could just lay in bed all day watching Netflix, but what if the Chinese delivery guy can’t even make it out of the parking lot? Real considerate, Mother Nature.

If your school already had spring break (fuck Penn State) or still awaiting the day—enjoy your snow day. I’m happy for you. I really am. Really.

It’s time to sit and watch the snow fall and the Snapchat stories of those baking in the sun while drinking something fruity.

Maybe you could use this day to get a head start on your school work or probably not, but it’s still a good idea to consider.

Is it summer yet?

Stay safe out there, Owls. We’re back on campus next week, and the weather will probably be back to the 60’s.

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