How to make this snow day the best one yet

Embrace this day, it’s the least you could do

We all know Snowstorm Stella ruined everyone’s plans today. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy today in the comfort of your own home or at your apartment.

So what do you do with an entire day trapped in your apartment with limited resources and no money? I’ll tell you.

The first step is to find some friends to spend this snowy day with because let’s be real—a snow day without friends is like Destiny’s Child without Beyoncé—worthless.

Once you found your snow day pal, it’s time to grab some grub. Personally, most of my food consist of ramen and popcorn so the options aren’t that great. If you don’t feel like heating yourself up with some of these college delicacies, there’s always places that will deliver food to your dorm/apartment.

Of course, no snow day would be complete without hot chocolate.

As a perpetually lazy human being, I don’t have the energy to do anything besides K-Cup Hot Cocoa. However, if you feel driven enough to make some real authentic chocolatey goodness, I’m not stopping you.

The next step to making this snow day amazing is to set the atmosphere. Grab all the blankets you own (yes all the blankets) and put them EVERYWHERE.

Get yourself all wrapped up and ready for the best day you could ever ask for. The whole point of having a snow day is to stay inside and keep yourself warm, so do just that!

Last, but certainly not least, you need some movies. As of now, the Netflix selection is amazing, so don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to watch Finding Dory for the 50th time. This is your moment.

So there you go, these are all the things you need to make this snow day the best one yet. Have fun, stay warm and enjoy a day of not experiencing the wind tunnel that is, Temple University.

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