Joe Biden will be a professor at UPenn and UDel, but he should come to Temple instead

We’re not far and we’re the actual best school in Philly

It was announced Joe Biden will be a professor at both University of Pennsylvania and University of Delaware, and that he will have an office at Penn’s campus.

However, we can’t help but ask—Joe Biden, will you please visit Temple University when you’re in Philly?

The entire nation knows how much you love ice cream, so why not make a pit stop at Morgan Hall’s ice cream shop?

We assure you that you’ll be able to eat all the ice cream you can dream of, and our Temple marching band could give you a warm welcome with one of their amazing band covers of your preferred choice.

If you need anymore convincing, we have the best pizza from Philly Style, Maxi’s and how could we forget about Richie’s? (Best iced coffee around, Joe.)

You’ll never go hungry here and there’s never a boring moment a Temple University.

If we had to count the amount of times we’ve seen something weird or unexpected on campus, it’d be pretty long list. Our campus is unique to the area and it’s one of the reasons why we love our campus and why you should come to. We’re a fun place to be – why not come here and laugh a little?

Let’s also not forget how you’ve inspired millions with your It’s On Us campaign to begin the conversation of sexual assault on campuses. It’s because of you that countless public figures have stood up and become an advocate for your cause, and we’re a campus that wants to bring more awareness to it.

Not only have you been a strong advocate for the campaign during the Oscars and when you sent a powerful letter to the Stanford sexual assault victim, but you’ve also shown that if we’re uncomfortable talking about sexual assault then it’s a fucking problem we need to fix.

You’ve proven that you’re an inspirational public speaker, and every time you’ve been on a college campus thousands of students were excited to see you. I can assure you that Temple students would line up for days if you were to make a visit to the Liacouras Center or Mitten Hall.

It’s reported our university will receive more than $25,000 in funding from your campaign to combat sexual assault on campus after Pennsylvania selected Temple as one of its first “It’s On Us PA” grant recipients. Our university also just introduced a new 24 hour campus partnership with a Philly rape center, WOAR.

You were also the king of memes during the election season, and when we had nothing else good to talk about you were the man who everyone turned to. We loved making memes of you and we need some of your Biden-ness in North Philly.

We all had pride when calling you our Vice President, and on behalf of the majority of Temple students we ask you a simple favor – If you will be teaching at UPenn, why not take a trip to our university to speak about the initiatives that you care about?

Temple University