EXCLUSIVE: Temple student calls out roommate for using racial slur

Mal Sary tweeted screenshots which she claims show her roommate calling her the ‘n’ word repeatedly

Yesterday, Temple junior Mal Sary tweeted a screenshot of what she claims is a conversation between her and her roommate, in which her roommate uses a racial slur.

The conversation shows Mal’s roommate calling her a “fucking nigger.”

Mal then posted further screenshots which appear to show her roommate justifying her use of the racial slur by saying, “Our society pretty much black people have normalized nigga.”

Since then, the tweet has blown up across social media. It’s gotten over 1,000 retweets, including from Black Lives Matter Philly and Shaun King, a well-known activist.

Mal told The Tab she expected her friends and other Temple students to see her tweet, but she didn’t expect the level of involvement she’s received from complete strangers.

She said people she doesn’t know have tweeted her and direct messaged her thanking her for standing up against the use of racial slurs.


Of her roommate’s reaction to Mal telling her to stop using the word, Mal said, “She thought this was a joke, that I had taken the time to tell her why she shouldn’t do something but did anyways because she thought there’d be no consequences. That’s the unfortunate realities of white privilege, as she was a white woman.

“She brazenly did not care. I can’t reiterate that enough, and she did not care until I tweeted the photos and black people began tweeting at her and asking her why she thought this was OK.”

Her roommate has since gone private on Twitter.

The Tab Temple has reached out to Mal Sary’s roommate for comment and will update this story as more information becomes available.

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