It’s official: Temple is one of the top schools for entrepreneurship

The Princeton Review also called out Temple for clashing with the local community

The Princeton Review’s 62 college ranking lists are now available, and Temple University has placed on the lists for¬†Top 25 Entrepreneurship as well as Town-Gown Relations are Strained.

The Princeton Review divides its lists into categories which cover just about every aspect of college life. The lists address academics and administration, quality of life, politics, demographics, town life, extracurriculars, social scene, and schools by type.

As for the good news, The Princeton Review ranked Temple the eighth best school for entrepreneurship in undergrad. Babson College in Massachusetts placed first.

But, we placed 18th on Town-Gown Relations are strained. The list was created surveying students and asking them the question: “How well do students at your college get along with members of the local community?”

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Temple nears the bottom of this list, which only consists of 20 schools. Even so, it’s not a secret that Temple students and administration and the residents of North Philadelphia sometimes clash, and last year’s protests over the building of a new stadium brought tensions to the forefront of university life. Finding ourselves on a national ranking of schools that clash with their local communities isn’t great, even if we’re near the end.

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