This is why everyone is posting no makeup selfies today

It’s more than just a sorority thing

If you have ever known someone with an eating disorder or had one yourself, ANAD should be especially important to you.

Today is the first day of Delta Phi Epsilon’s ANAD week. What is it, and why are all these girls posting selfies without makeup on?

Well, ANAD is short for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, a national association dedicated to the prevention of eating disorders. Organizations like Delta Phi Epsilon are trying to spread awareness; we want everyone to feel beautiful in their own skin.

The hashtag #nomakeupmonday has become very important to raising awareness. If you search this on Instagram, you will get over 80,000 results. This isn’t just a sorority thing, this is a global phenomenon. There are 24  MILLION people in the U.S. who struggle with eating disorders, and only 10 percent actually receive treatment.

Eating disorders are considered a mental illness and controlling mental illnesses on one’s own are often very difficult, being cured through treatment.

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“She feels confident enough with no makeup to post her first selfie”

Body image problems are a huge issue for women in America today.

It’s hard to feel pretty when you have events like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, with girls with “thigh gaps” and thick layers of makeup being admired left and right. However, there has been a revolution, plus size models are becoming more acceptable and becoming the new fad. A size 16 Sports Illustrated swimsuit model?

Yep, we are revolutionizing the way we are seeing “pretty” and “perfect.”

Curvy is now good? Yes, you heard it right. All bodies are beautiful. So why the change now?

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“The good stuff is inside”

Not only do women suffer with eating disorders, men do as well.

According to, in a college campus survey, 91 percent of women admitted to controlling their weight through dieting. 22 percent said they dieted “often” or “always.”

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But you know what?

People should like you for who you are, not what you look like. Your friends and people who care about you, DO love you for who YOU are.

You are pretty.

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You are beautiful.

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You are confident.

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You are amazing.

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You do matter.

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Love yourself.

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