There’s a freshman making delicious sandwiches out of his 1300 dorm room

They call him the ‘1300 Sandwich Gnome’ and the sandwiches are GOOD

It was during last semester’s finals week that Jake was told by a friend that he had a talent and that one day it will become useful and profitable.

This talent of his was the art of making sandwiches.

Soon after the students of his residence hall, 1300, had the luxury of having their own sandwich guy who delivers to their door without having them to leave their own dorm room.

Although, the Management Information Systems major only delivers to students from 1300, he plans to one day be able to deliver his delicious sandwiches to other students around campus.

We had the exclusive interview with “The 1300 Sandwich Gnome”.


Why did you choose the name “1300 Sandwich Gnome”?

A gnome is first of all short and they tend to disappear and reappear quickly. I’m short and I’ll have your sandwich delivered quickly and I’ll leave immediately after you pay for it! I am the Sandwich Gnome.

Who taught you to make these sandwiches and why do you make them?

I’m a self taught sandwich maker and food network also helped out too. The reason why I made this business is because I like making sandwiches and making people happy, so by making these sandwiches, I have the chance to make people happy through my cooking.


What’s an average day for the “1300 Sandwich Gnome” business?

I usually make 15-30 sandwiches a week with a profit of 30 to 50 percent. I receive calls for grilled cheeses to Nutella Flutter Nutter all the time.

Do you have any memorable stories from your customers?

A couple of days ago around 3:40am, a couple of guys called my services and you could tell they were completely wasted. They pretended to be Mark Wahlberg and ordered all of my sandwiches.

But once I asked them what room do I deliver to, they told me Alter Hall. So when I told them I only delivered to 1300 as of now, they began to curse at me through the phone.


The taste test

Many of my friends told me about his sandwiches, therefore I could not resist from trying one. The 1300 Sandwich Gnome showed me how he makes his sandwiches and he did not disappoint.


The 1300 Sandwich Gnome is made his signature sandwich, the Deluxe Fluffernutter.

He washed his hands before making the sandwiches (if anyone is wondering how sanitary he is).




When I say it was delicious, I MEAN it! The combination of peanut butter, marshmallows, and nutella were perfect on this cold winter day. The price of it was even better since I only paid $2 for something other than boring dining hall food.

IMG_6324 (1)

1300 Sandwich Gnome, your sandwiches were heavenly and the day that you deliver to other dorms, will be the day that angels sing.

Temple University