Help us find this adorable lost dog’s owner

She was found near Paley Library

Junior Tracy McGuire found a dog near the library on 12th and Polett Walk Thursday afternoon.

She didn’t have a collar so Tracy took her to the vet.

The little pup is happy and healthy but no chip was found in her.


Students commented on the post in the Class of 2017 group with claims of having seen the dog before with its owner. They believe the owner isn’t a student but lives near campus.

The owner still hasn’t contacted Tracy and the dog is currently staying with a friend of hers.

If no owner is found they will try to find a loving home for her. If they can’t find one Tracy said she would take her to a no-kill shelter.

If this is your dog or you know the owner please contact Tracy with any information 484-832-0951.

Let’s help find this pups owners.

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