Skip class today? You’ve just wasted $50

If you’re too lazy to go to class, you’re probably too lazy to figure out how much it cost you

We’re not in high school, and no one can force you to go to your Monday 8am Gen Ed, but knowing exactly how much money you’re shitting away by staying in bed nursing your hangover might convince you to suck it up.

The average annual cost per year of attending Temple University, according to the U.S. Department of Education, is $20,845. This is just the price to be a student, not including room and board or a meal plan.

Divided by how many days you spend in class, you get $148.89. That means each day at Temple costs you (or your parents) almost $150.

If your parents pay for your school, take a break from reading this to call and thank them. We’ll wait.

Done? Okay.

Dividing that number by how many classes you have that day will give you the average amount of money you’d be wasting by skipping one class.

So, if you have three classes today, and you skipped one, you just threw away $49.63. Now, call your parents again and apologize.

Temple University