NFL Wrap Up: Week 1

Dive into the first games of the NFL’s new season

Finally, after what seemed like forever, fans were able to kick back and enjoy the thing that makes Sunday’s so special: England vs. India in Cricket. Oh, also NFL football kicked off this weekend. All those awesome fake NFL jerseys from China you saw on the quad paraded by students this week indeed let us know that just like Tiger, football is back. After a heart pounding game in Philly on Thursday that possessed an eerie similarity to the Birds’ wildcard win last year, the following games did not disappoint.

The early games showed off some of the NFL’s best, and worst (Nathan Peterman I’m looking at you man). The Jaguars won another typical Jaguars game, winning on a defensive play despite Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. gaining 100+ yards in their statistical categories. Also, Blake Bortles burst out for a 41-yard run, allowing Fox to show off the best stat I’ve ever seen. If you don’t love seeing Blake Bortles’s name beside Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham, and other rushers for top QB run average, you probably also don’t love the movie Forrest Gump, puppies, or Varsity pizza.

Photo from Movie: Forrest Gump

Down in Cleveland, the Browns didn’t lose for the first time in 17 games. They also didn’t win, but let’s not spoil the best thing that’s happened in Cleveland for a while. After tying the Steelers 21-21, Cleveland fans are feeling good and definitely over LeBron leaving. Right? Down south Miami and Tennessee got off to a slow start due to a lightning delay. Somehow butt-hurt, NFL fans will find a way to blame this one on Kaepernick. Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing a game that nobody outside of Tennessee or Miami care about. The Dolphins won this one 27-20. The Bucks somehow pulled a win out of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ferocious beard, winning 48-40 against New Orleans. Also emerging victorious were the Bengals over the Colt’s 34-23, the Vikings over the 49ers 24-16, the Patriots over the Texans 27-20, and the Ravens on top of the Bills 47-3.

In the later games, the new look Washington Redskins hit the road and put on a show against the Cardinals. Not even Syracuse’s LB/DE Chandler Jones, who recorded 3 tackles accompanied with a sack, could slow down Washington as they ran over Arizona 24-6. Super Cam and his Panthers defeated the Cowboys as well. Rooting against the Cowboys truly brings all NFL fans together like no other way. The game ended with Dallas fans heading back to the lone star state disappointed with an 18-6 final score. Following that, the Chiefs outshot the Chargers 38-28 and the Broncos grounding the Seahawks 27-24.

Photo: Blogging the Boys

The Sunday Night finale displayed perhaps the day’s most dramatic game. Despite falling behind 20 points, Aaron Rodgers marched Green Bay back against the Bears after suffering a knee injury during the game’s early stages. Typical Aaron Rodgers, the Bears may have shattered his knee, but he shattered their hearts. At the end of this game or movie (who could tell the difference?) Green Bay: 24 Chicago: 23 flashed across the big board at Lambeau Field. Monday Night brought interesting moments as well. After throwing an interception on his first ever NFL pass, Sam Darnold and the Jets absolutely lit up the Lions. Just like every expert at ESPN predicted, the Jets flew high winning 48-17. The Rams wrapped up the week, dismantling the Raiders 33-13. Perhaps the game’s brightest moment for Raiders fans occurred when a Marshawn Lynch high school picture emerged on the internet, which if you haven’t seen I highly recommended doing so.

Hopefully next week Raiders fans, and fans of other 0-1 teams, can secure a sweet, sweet victory. Yes, I did just reference the greatest Spongebob episode of all time. This past week the Ryan Fitzpatrick scored 50+ fantasy points, the Browns didn’t lose a game, and Bill Belichick smiled for a moment on the sideline. With nearly the impossible happening last week, the height of deep ball thrown in Denver is the limit. Stay tuned NFL fans, and try not to burn your Nike’s if you can.

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