The Fix: a novel meant to be read by Orangemen

Gambling – Romance Drama – Addiction, a novel for all who bleed Orange

Written and narrated by three Syracuse University Alumni, The Fix takes you down a subtly Syracuse road as romance, athletics, gambling, and addiction play out. This is a novel that will keep you turning every page until the very end!

The story focuses on Newhouse University football player, Colt Walker, who finds himself caught up in relationship drama with his cheerleader girlfriend and a growing gambling issue. With every twist and turn, Colt finds himself facing obstacle after obstacle.

I refuse to spoil all of the amazing plot twists the reader faces when reading The Fix!!!

While the cover, and blurb, show that The Fix, leans towards a more athletic audience, anyone who loves a good story with many twists and turns, dynamic characters, and, of course, Syracuse, will find The Fix to be worthy of their time! The story, while fiction, sheds a valuable light on current issues and real potential, life-altering disasters college students (and anyone really) should look out for.

Authors Michael Balkind and Ryan Burr carefully twist and hide aspects of Syracuse University into the fictional reality of Colt Walker's world.

Highlighted References:

1. The Varsity – Colt and his friends meet at the small pizza joint and hang out often, watching games and eating pizza. In reality, The Varsity is an actual local restaurant on Marshall Street.

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The Varsity on Marshall // Photo: Yelp

2. Sigma Upsilon Fraternity – Colt is a member of the Sigma Upsilon chapter on campus, also known as SU. Get it? SU, Syracuse University, Sigma Upsilon… In reality, an "Sigma Upsilon" fraternity does not exist on campus, but we get the subtle reference.

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JOIN SU // Designed through CustomInk

3. Newhouse University – Colt is the starring quarterback for Newhouse University's football team. While their mascot isn't an Orange, the name "Newhouse" is a direct nod to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications on campus. Honestly, Newhouse may as well be its own university at this point!

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Newhouse University – or Newhouse School? // Photo: Newhouse

I listened to The Fix through an Audio Book on Narrated by Alex Perlman, another Syracuse alumni, The Fix is both great to listen to as well as to read.

The Fix can be purchased as an e-book or hardcopy through Amazon. Click here to purchase your copy!

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