How to salvage your sinking grades before hibernating for winter break

When the going gets tough, the tough gets tougher

Around this time of the year, we tend to suck up to our professors and their flexible sidekicks. That means no more cold stares at your TA's if you want the golden ticket to the Grade Saving Factory.

It's time to come clean about our education, we're in all on the same boat here. Our GPAs are screaming SOS, so it's totally fine for our egos to abandon ship and whore ourselves all in the name of saving face for the semester.

It's the Hail Mary play and what has to be done has to be done so put on your game face and get on your knees —to pray for good grades, of course.

Now, fresh off the boat of Thanksgiving break, your mind's clearly spick-and-span. It hasn't been used for what feels like decades and you wouldn't understand a lick of the English the teacher raps at you. That's fine, it's completely natural. It's also the reason why your buddies over at The Tab have got an easy peasy ja… list here to aid you over the course of the next three or so weeks.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll get through the dreaded month just fine.

Get friendly with your profs

Right off the bat, you're gonna have to crank out this power-play. Shoot out an email to your professors regarding your current grade or what you can do to rescue it. Also take note of office hours etc etc.

In class, smiles might go a long way but you might also want to consider staying behind to iron out some 'wrongful' misconceptions about past evasiveness. If you've got essays to hand in, go the extra mile and sprinkle in some salty humor. That way, you mightn't only amuse your professor with your wit, you might just become their salt bae and he might return the favor in awarding your grades with a hot air balloon.

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Exemplary finessing

Show your TA some love

This is make-or-break season and you can't afford to break. It's simple really. As your TA asks that awkward question that's usually replied to with blank expressions, put on a discerning face and raise your hand heavenly high so she knows that she can confide in you. She'll read your name on the grades list and bump you up for that moment you saved her from every teacher's unspoken nightmare —classroom silence.

TAs hold the key to your Christmas happiness so give them every reason to like you. It isn't fake love, you're simply helping them help you so neither of you catch a brick.

I've got my fingers crossed on this one.

Prepare for Doomsweek

The saying "the earlier the better" is tailored to this wicked scenario so you might as well jumpstart your multi-colored flash cards and whatever it is that gets you going. There's no time to lament upon impending finals so just get the studying out of the way and trust the process like Joel Embiid wants you to.

It's the final countdown people and you're going to need the eye of the tiger to get through. In showering you with enough tricks to better Harry Potter, I've done my job leading you to the beach but I can't force you to drink the salty water of wisdom.

P.S. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. That spells doom MF

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