Beauty hacks that’ll make Brad wish he took you to formal instead of Hannah from ADPi

Brad can’t handle all of thisss anyway

Ah, formal season is finally upon us all at 'Cuse this year. The smell of freshly burnt– I mean straightened– hair, sticky strawberry lipgloss and far too much PINK body spray (Don't lie, you're in college and you definitely still buy this) wafts throughout the air in and out of every sorority on Walnut.

Other than giving you a perfectly acceptable excuse to charge your Mom's credit card for a dress that seriously was on sale (it wasn't), formals give you just enough of a friendly push to suck it up and invite the cutie you see at LITERALLY every frat party EVER.

But, just as you get the guts to invite him, you noticed Hannah looking at him all googly-eyed from across the crowded basement of Alpha Apple Pi. Then, .2 seconds later, you spot them dancing with his hand full-on groping her ass as you run to the bathroom, girlfriends in tow, to break the seal.

So. Not. Cool.

Being the mature, and sophisticated young woman you are, you to embrace your inner T. Swift and ~shake it off~ because who cares about Brad or Chad anyway, amiright ladies? Instead, you decide to invite his slightly-less attractive best friend. As if this alone won't make him jealous enough, here's a list of beauty tips and tricks that will most definitely catch his eye from across the room and leave him wishing he'd taken you instead.

Go get some revenge ladies.


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Obviously, this isn't a groundbreaking or Earth-shattering beauty tip but it is seriously, the easiest and most effective way to get revenge. Red lipstick not only makes your teeth look EXTRA white but it also draws emphasis directly to your lips, the same lips Brad could have been kissing but decided not to. Oops, his loss.


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When I say put this sh*t everywhere, I mean everywhere. Put it on your eyelids, the high points of your cheeks as well as your shoulders and collarbone. Glitter, although it is secretly the devil and won't wash out of your hair for weeks, screams glitz and glam and will definitely help you get the attention of not just Brad, but every other boy in the room. Plus, your Insta will be poppin- especially if you take pics with flash.


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If you really wanna push it, make sure to pay at lot of attention to your skin during the 'getting ready' process. Make sure it's moisturized, wear a dewy foundation or BB cream, and finish it off with loads of highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupids bow. Having glowing skin will not only have everyone questioning whether you actually woke up like this but it will give you a lit from within glow that pairs perfectly with your innocent plan to hook up with all of Brad's closest bros. *insert devil emoji here*


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Girl- if you have naturally thick + bold brows, this is the night to flaunt them! Something about a bold and sharp af brow gives off a strong and 'don't need no man' kind of vibe that you definitely need this evening. Try filling them in a little bolder than usual with a product a couple shades darker than your hair color and clean them up with concealer to make them sharp enough to cut someone (and by someone, I mean Hannah).

I can't promise that these beauty hacks will win over Brad's love and make him ditch Hannah on the dance floor but they will 100 percent make you feel super confident and sexy on this fun night out! Then, if Brad doesn't coming crawling back, ditch him and move on to the next, you didn't need him anyway!

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