Break the mold with these diabolical costumes sure to catch everyone’s attention

Please don’t be the tasteless gal kitted up in the generic cat-ear headband with a sharpied nose.

It's that time of the year again. The sun's suddenly become introverted, 2pm Friday classes are impossible to make and older students have started reciting the same old 'Winter is Coming' tale. You know, the one about some impending cold and infamous snow which never seems to force school closure like ever? Yeah, that one. Trust me it's real.

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Exhibit A

It isn't all that bad though, at least the loud Frat houses down Comstock get to stop bumping those corny summer jams from '06. Plus, on the dark side, those happy-go-lucky campers on the quad can pack their bags and embrace the solace that comes with indoor confinement. Serves them right, their uppity-up vibe is immensely off-putting for students dragging themselves to their Heroy Geology lab to fulfill a natural sciences requirement they couldn't care less about.

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Am I going to hell for this?

Anywho, it's that time of the year again. We've started quizzing one another on what costumes we're gonna rock all through the weekend and on Tuesday again. Don't be the 'that guy' in an uninspired army kit and please, please, please don't be the tasteless gal kitted up in the generic cat-ear headband with a sharpie'd nose. That kinda dampens the mood and just sorta' kills the vibe. Now it's hell'a awkward for everyone in your crew since you decided to be a cunt. Just spitting facts.

With that being said and without further ado, we bring to you the most cleverly crafted costumes for you to strut in this Halloween:


Hey, you might not be as terrifying as the next man, but everyone will literally flock to you. You also get to shepherd the crew down to wherever the party's at plus you could get into ANY frat house. Don't take my word for it, just hope the lonely guy at the door's drunk enough to like your costume selection.

Otto is my spirit animal

Congrats on being the Orange pride, we need more students w/ your enthusiasm. Just don't do anything monumentally stupid until you take off that cozy outfit. Hopefully, you wouldn't even be the one taking it off, if you catch my drift.

The Purge

Vintage Hockey masks, baseball bats and slasher knives — The Holy Trinity for all the sexy purgers out there, ready to run riot. Be sure to drench your ghoulish gown in a bloodbath before parading the dimly lit streets of Euclid with your emo gang. Quick disclaimer, you might not want to trick or treat in this costume though as the Euclid residents have seen those gowns before and they weren't there for no candy.

TOMORROW, all crime is legal for 12 hours. How would you protect yourself? #ThePurge on Digital HD 9/20

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Just ignore the guns…


Be the colorful weirdo this Halloween and dress as the creepy clown that's sure to scare 1/3 of the party's population. Sure, you'd be the talk of the town and your goofy outfit would make you stand out, but you might get mixed reactions on the dance floor, especially if your costume design is on point. This mischievous outfit requires intense make-up so get one of those Kappa girls to hook you up.

#ITsHalloween | Make-up by: @blushandbone | Regram from @jeffreydamnit: Hey cutie, wanna #float to a #movie with me?

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White Lil Yachty looking ass…

Get Out

If you're in a naughty interracial relationship, not only do you get to escape those tedious trips to parties down at South, you now get to depict the love affair between Chris and Rose.

This requires a Levi's denim jacket (product placement) for the dark skin brother and a Where's Waldo sweatshirt for the chocolate-loving snow bunny. You also have to reenact the 'Where's the Key' scene for laughs and giggles. Prime banter.

Tracksuit Mafia

Similar to 'The Purge', this outfit is supposed to be worn by the entire squad (and it looks better on girls). The cheapest out of the lot, it consists of wearing a full tracksuit devoted to one color (traditionally black or white). You might opt for a cap and mix it up with a gold chain and a pair of wavy sneakers. Just get creative with this one. When you rock up to the party; everyone will know you came to shut the scene down and they'd remember you as the crew draped in all kinds of sauce.

Rick and Morty

At this point, you don't need to deep dive into the internet realm to learn about this ultra-meta Adult Swim show. It's now embroidered within the culture and if you haven't heard of it, you've probably been under a rock somewhere.

This choice is sure to garner as much attention as an Otto outfit. Everyone is a fan of this odd couple, so expect free drinks at DJ's and a bunch of people asking to touch your mask. It might get pretty annoying after a while but you must maintain a sea of calm and above all, stay mellow fellow brethren.

Onondaga native

Potentially the dark horse for "sexiest Halloween costume ever", this is one of the more colorful and attention-grabbing ones. Given that you'd have to stand your ground against one or two SJW's accusing you of cultural appropriation, it's a way to celebrate the land we live on. Ain't nothing wrong with celebrating other cultures so dismiss all political correctness and strut those hot hippy fringe boots on the dance floor.

The real issue lies in whether those boots will be usable after they've been trampled on in the ratchet house party you're going to. And no, you wouldn't be better off going to Lucy's, it's just as tight. Either way their getting as obliterated as you are so you might as well live them up.

You can't shoot blanks this season; their outfits everywhere! The culture's highlight reel hasn't failed to impress this year and there's a cluster of costumes you could easily buckle into. In the meantime, take a hint from this tell-all telltale and be the odd duckling rocking the most jiggy dress to the party. As for me, I'm going as John Cena.

Don't be a square; make sure to show a friend out there. Spread the word.

If you need celebrity guidance, follow suit.

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