TJ Miller comes to ‘Cuse

An honest review

Last Saturday night, comedian and actor TJ Miller performed stand-up here at Syracuse University along with The Lucas Brothers at a University Union sponsored event.

The Lucas Brothers are stars in their own right: From Arrested Development , 22 Jump Street, their very own comedy special, "On Drugs." Their deadpan sense of humor makes the interaction between both brothers awkward, but funny to watch. During their portion of the show, they addressed serious topics such as politics with North Korea, Black Lives Matter, the after-math of the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, and President Trump's actions.

However, each topic was quickly addressed with small jokes made about each one. While these are serious matters, the jokes were told in an un harmful way, and many students laughed. The twins claimed that "When you become a comedian, you see the world in a twisted way." All throughout their special, they dropped multiple one-liners and here are some of the best.

On the next president : " 'The Rock' is my president."

On Bernie Sanders: "Bernie Mac Sanders."

On being a twin: "Being a twin is not all cocaine and cupcakes."

Finally, "What is the meaning of life ? Why are we here?"

After The Lucas Brothers, TJ Miller stole the show. With his witty sense of humor, he used the first half of his show to make fun of the show itself. He joked about the spotlight crew messing up, messed with the ASL interpreter by talking too fast for the interpreter to keep up, and even threw the microphone off to the side of the stage.

At one point, Miller even declared he was "losing money on this show." While he describes himself as being authentic, there were moments that came off as simply rude. There is a fine line between being authentic and genuine, versus being rude, even if it is as a joke.

However, he did a good job at poking fun at important topics, in turn bringing such issues to light. Here were some of the lines that stood out during the night.

On Comedians: " Comedians are stopping coming to colleges, I disagree."

On being a woman: " You know how they say 'bitches be crazy'? Women have to choose either a profession or family. If was a woman, I'd be crazy too. "

On Drinking: " Everybody here drinks. A lot of us in here need to be in recovery."

On TV shows : "TV doesn't get better with age unlike women and wine."

On leaving Silicon Valley: " Conservatives got really mad when I left."

On drugs : "I encourage alcohol. Alcohol's a better friend. Marijuana turns your brain all the way off. But if you some the right amount of marijuana it's great and you can make friends."

Miller also interacted with the audience, which made the show fun to be a part of. He even got off the stage for a while to even mess with of the audience. While he as been criticized for being too authentic, I think that is what makes his comedy special.

After the show, I got the chance to interview him after the show.

On having no filter: " I think that right now especially, there's this idea that I don't have any filter. I absolutely have a filter. It seems like authenticity is much more remembered than a carefully articulated statement."

On fame: " Being famous is really important to people right now. If I break the internet, more people will listen to me when I use these platforms to make social change."

Advice to those who want to be comedians: "Work harder than everyone else you see around you. I'm not more talented than my friends, I just work harder than them.I think anything you do over and over, you get better at it."

Lastly, "I obviously don't care what I look like. "

Syracuse University