14 cases of mumps confirmed​ at SU

Hide your kids, hide your wife…just hide everything

And then there were 14 —Syracuse University's Health Services sent an email to then entire University community alerting everyone of the 14th (yes, you read that right) case of Mumps.

Two weeks ago, Health Services sent out an email notfying students of two cases being confirmed. Mumps, a highly contagious virus, causes swelling of the glands, fevers, loss of appetite, stomach pain and more according to WebMD.

While most Americans generally get the Mumps vaccination, it is still able to contract the infection but to a lesser degree. Health Services urges students to be diligent and to not share utensils, cigarettes, stay home when sick, and to not kiss.

Syracuse's famed lacrosse program has been greatly affected by the Mumps outbreak. According to Syracuse.com, members of the boys and girls teams have been diagnosed with Mumps leading to the termination of their fall season.

Athletic Director, John Wildhack, told the website "Our student-athletes' safety, and the safety of all students, faculty and staff, remains our top priority".

Mumps symptoms can take up to 25 days to appear and no treatment is available. Bed rest and hydration is the key to beating the infection. Stay away from anyone who is ill, cough and sneeze into your arm, and if you're feeling sick, report to health services immediately.

Health Services urges you to call with any comments, questions, or concerns: 315-443-9005.

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