Your guide to rocking a tailgate outfit

Since gameday is nothing without that perfect orange and blue outfit (plus 2 bottles of Andres)

The perfect mix of “ok I love my school so of course I have to rep them yet also have to be trendy and have my style game on point” can be hard to achieve. Luckily, these chicks are killing the game (one Natty Lite at a time)


Pictured: Maddie Turner and Becca Bisson

NEVER let anyone tell you that the only way you can be rockin’ that skirt is if you’re on the sidelines cheering. Especially during football szn, when it isn’t 20 degrees and snowing yet, these skirts are perfect for tailgating. Any ‘Cuse color can really perfect that game day outfit.

Coordination is key 

      Pictured: Brianna Page and Jisselle Garcia

If you plan on tailgating with your #squad,  be sure to plan your outfits accordingly! Nothing is worse than when you take fire pics with each other, only to realize later that you’re blending into one big orange, blue, or white blob together. These outfits are perfectly coordinated to pose for any tailgating ‘grams.

Just the right amount of ~extra~

 Pictured: Billie Owens and Shaylah Nichols

Have to go to the tailgate at 2PM but also need to look good for your Tinder date in 3 hours? No worries. You can do both in the same exact outfit! Keep it simple with solid Syracuse colors and you can never go wrong with denim. These girls KILLED this double look to keep their tailgating outfits trendy.

DIY goals

Pictured: Kelly Knapp and Sydney Scannell

One of the best ways to make your tailgating outfits different and unique is to give it your own touch.  Nice weather calls for cutting and crafting your ‘Cuse tees to fit your style just right. Whether it’s a low cut v-neck or ~sexy~ lace up, take a chance and DIY-it.

Dress to kill (espec on your 21st)Pictured: Katie Hess

No better way to celebrate your birthday than at an SU tailgate (especially when it’s your 21st)!

Denim (Skrt Skrt)

Pictured: Lauren Borg, RaeAnne Kascle, and Jaime Oberstein

Denim skirts are back and better than ever! Be sure to take advantage of these now while the weather is still warm. We all know that pretty soon everyone will be tailgating for basketball in their Sorels and Canada Goose jackets

Orange over everything 

Pictured: Lexey Watson, Mary Roselle, and Carolyn Gillis

Out of all the possible combos, for an SU tailgate, you can never go wrong with orange. Pair your tees with some denim shorts and cute sunglasses and you’re set to take on any game-day.

With a few more tailgates before the weather turns to shit, you better act fast and try out some of these trends ASAP.


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