The best looks from Juice Jam are here

Because nobody goes to JJ for just the music

Juice Jam = great way to boast on social media on just how great life is and how hot you and your ~squad~ look. Below are some of our favorite looks from JJ 2017:

Power buns, always

Photo courtesy of @em.costello

Photo courtesy of @em.costello

Your hair may look good in a classic pony or in it’s natural element, but power buns are a ~trendy~ way of letting everyone know you’re ready #rave.

Layering Looks

Photo courtesy of @saragoldenn

Photo courtesy of @saragoldenn

The best way to complete this look is with some tinted aviators- a cute pair of specs are a way to catch everyone’s eye.

Mixing and matching

Photo courtesy of @katienapell

Music festival must-haves: red pants, chic accessories, and, of course, matching with your bestie!

Get that jumpsuit on

Photo courtesy of @izzytabss

The bus to Juice Jam leaves in 10 minutes and you still don’t know what to wear? Throw on a simple bodysuit or a crocheted shirt over a sexy bralette and your friends will be begging you to tell them where you got your designer outfit from!

Denim FTW 

Photo courtesy of @mad.nawa

Ripped denim jeans, a denim jacket, and denim shorts are all you need to create the perfect festival outfit. Throw on a ribbed crop top with some John Lennon-type sunglasses and you’re ready for a day full of photo-ops!

Flower Fever

Photo courtesy of @victoriagiannola

Florals are so in right now! A floral crop top, gold sunglasses, and a gold choker are all you need to make people think you’re a celebrity!

Rain drop, crop top

Photo courtesy of @jess_adlerr

You can never go wrong with a crop top on a hot, sunny day. Trade out you’re boring plain top with some lace-up detailing, a zipper, or a wrap top to spice up any outfit.

Red is the new black

Photo courtesy of @niiashaw

Sheer tops are a great way to show off any fun bralette you have in your wardrobe! Add a mini skirt with some silver detailing or a zipper down the center and you’ll be ready for a girls night out!

Follow these ~killer~ Juice Jam fashion trends to make sure your outfit is on fleek for the next Syracuse event!

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