Watch this Syracuse professor prank his students with fake ID stunt

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ICYMI, Professor Bill Coplin pulled one hell of a prank on his students– and the Internet.

On the first day of his public policy class, the beloved professor confiscated one of his students’ fake ID’s, and after he refused to give it back, shit hit the fan.

Student flips out after getting fake ID confiscated on the first day of class from videos

“Are you fucking serious? You’re my fucking professor! That’s my fucking property are you kidding? Are you serious? Oh my fucking God!” the girl screamed, before running out of the class.

After some speculation on the video’s authenticity, a former student revealed that Coplin has been pulling this joke for over 10 years. The former student, Jeremy Levy, wrote on Reddit that the professor enlists a drama student every year to help him pull off the stunt in an attempt to stop students from purchasing fake IDs.

The girl in the video is sophomore Victoria Patti, who posted some of her favorite viewer reactions on Twitter:

Better luck next time, @Professor Coplin.

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