This is when you know it’s time to go back to ‘Cuse

May the countdown begin ’til were all back on campus

Summer break is approaching its final days and we've all most likely reached the point where we can't wait to go back to school — even if means spending sunny days locked in the library. It's that feeling of being around friends again, going to tailgates, dressing up for parties and staying up 'til whenever the ef we feel like that makes going back to Syracuse all the more exciting!



Allow me to just break down the five killer signs that prove it's time to be back at 'cuse.

Your group chat is blowing up.

All you and your friends can talk about is what you're going to do the minute you see each other. Weekend plans are already in the mix, and you've sent a million pictures of your first tailgate outfit.

You've watched almost everything on Netflix.

You Netflix and chilled the whole summer and now you don't know what to do with your life. Netflix no longer asks if you're still watching, because you've seen it all — that's when you know you need to start socializing.

You've had it with your parents' curfew.

Having a curfew when you're already in college is probably the worst thing ever. During the year you have the freedom to come and go as you please, and then for three months you're forced to abide by the rules of your household. When you're at 'Cuse, you can get away with doing practically anything, unless you accidentally text your parents at 3am.

You made a never ending list of things you need for your room.

Whether it's your second rodeo or your last, you know school is approaching when you can't stop pinteresting things for your dorm.

You're practically bleeding orange.

Everyone is sick and tired of hearing you brag about Syracuse's beautiful campus and that you go to the fourth best party school in America. The weather might always be in the negatives, but you've made it quite clear to everyone there's no place you'd rather be but 'Cuse.

If you've experienced any of these symptoms in the past few months, please consult with your doctor because you're experiencing a severe case of 'Cuse separation anxiety.

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