Syracuse alumnus and local landlord donates $10k to fight hate and neo-Nazis

Mic drop.

SU’s favorite landlord, Ben Tupper, sent an email out to his student tenants to annouce he’ll be donating $10,000 out of his income to anti-Nazi groups to fight hatred and intolerance that seem to be (unfortunately) very, very clear in our US of A.

Tupper, an SU alum and History and Political science major, wanted his tenants to know that “Next time you write check for rent, know that some of the money is going to be sent to groups in the trenches fighting Nazis, Trump, and anyone else who espouses intolerance.”

Tupper and his wife Jean, courtesy of

He continued in the email, “My experience, working with you [my tenants] over the years, many of you come from a wide range of countries and cultures and experiences, further makes me confident in my opinion that we are a better place when we are diverse and tolerant.”

The Tab spoke to Ben regarding his decision to donate part of his income to fight these hate groups.”My whole life, people have talked a good game about ‘never letting it happen here’… now we have this ugly menace getting traction all the way into the White House, and far too many people are silent.”

He also revealed that when he served as an Infantry Officer in Afghanistan, he was in the same army division that liberated concentration camps in WWII. “The stories I have heard first-hand from these veterans serves as a reminder to put my money where my mouth is,” he said.

Now this raises the obvious question: @Kent, where’s your statement condemning the events in Charlottesville? I digress…


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