Syracuse is back up there as America’s #4 party school

Is it that big of a surprise?

Over the span of three years SU has always fallen in the top 10 in the list of party school rankings. Back in 2014, it was No. 1 on the list and the school was not happy. They made a statement¬†which said: “We do not aspire to be a party school”, but it doesn’t alter the parties that SU continues to throw each year throughout the semesters.

In 2015, SU was pushed to No. 5 and then in 2016 it was pushed even further when it became ranked No. 8 in the nation. With all said and done now in 2017 we hold the spot of being No. 4 which is better then our rankings from 2015 and 2016. We may not have claimed our No. 1 title again, but were pretty darn close.

According to the Princeton Review we are not only No. 4 in terms of party school ranking we are also No. 1 in Best College Newspaper, No. 1 Students Pack the Stadiums, No. 5 Best College Radio Station, No. 6 Lots of Beer, No. 8 Most Politically Active Students, No. 15 in Most Active Student Government and so on.

Thus, Syracuse still continues to hold a top No. title when it comes to being a party school, but let’s never forget that it holds top No.’s in other outstanding categories as well because we all know Syracuse is the best place to be!

Syracuse University