SU grad raises $94k to install security cameras for off-campus housing

His goal is to reduce high crimes that occur off campus and to help students feel safer

Alex Lynch dedicated his Capstone project to crime that occurs right off of SU’s campus, where many students live – and tons of crimes occur. The 2016 Maxwell School graduate lived off campus for three years and admitted to never feeling safe in the neighborhoods.

“As a student, I felt that not enough was being done to protect the 10,000 + students living off campus. Too many of my peers and friends were being victimized, so I decided to use my capstone as a proactive approach to reduce crime” he said. He witnessed crimes not just happen to his own friends, but also crimes right where he lived. He said “my friend’s roommate was robbed in broad daylight in front of my house, the apartment below me was broken into while my friends were sleeping, and my next-door neighbors had their car windows smashed in and belongings stolen.”

Therefore, it was not a hard task for him to convince people about how important it is to have these cameras. Lynch then reached out to landlords and students, and even showed them maps that showed where crime was highest. When adding all the numbers up, landlords contributed $40,000, while student groups from both SU and SUNY-ESF contributed the remaining $54,000. If installed, these cameras will be placed around Euclid Avenue between Comstock and Westcott Street and on the corner of Euclid and Westcott.

Junior Public Health major Maggie Cummings said “I love this plan because I hate getting campus alerts and noticing that what is happening is right down the street from wherever I am. Walking around the greater Syracuse area shouldn’t be terrifying all the time and there’s only so much the DPS officers can do,” she continued.
“I think it’s incredible that this is being done because as I am getting ready to move into a house on Ackerman for the upcoming school year, it’ll make me feel much safer walking back home at night,” said Anil Gupta, junior International Relations major. He continued, “the lack of DPS presence on Euclid is frequently criticized by students, and too many crimes occur there without any arrests. This should hopefully prevent and reduce the number of crimes.”
Junior Chemistry major Tianna Sellers also believes it is a great idea: “This plan overall would increase the safety and feelings of safety around campus for all students and staff and should definitely be followed through.”
According to Alex Lynch’s Facebook, he is employed by SU as a Community Safety and Security Analyst. Today his project was unanimously passed by the common council. Overall, the “installations depend on the Syracuse Police Department, but it should hopefully begin within the next month” said Alex.
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