Five SU women entrepreneurs to participate in the NYC Pop-Up College Shop

These badass women run, design, and create their own companies and products

On June 10 and 11, the NYC Pop-Up College Shop will take place. The second annual event features over 20 small businesses, all targeted towards college-aged women.

Five of the businesses participating were created (and still run!) by female Syracuse students and alumni.

The event was organized by Erica Bernstein, ’14, owner and creator of JewelErry — her namesake company which sells jewelry and accessories. “The most exciting part of the event will be connecting incoming students who are looking to bring JewelErry to their campus to fundraise for future philanthropic causes,” she told The Tab.

Erica Bernstein of JewelErry

Rachel Lieberman is a junior at Syracuse and custom decorates glitter bottles and accessories as part of her brand, Bottles Up. “I love what the pop-up shop stands for. Each vendor at the shop started their own business from the ground up, and are all passionate about their brands. I’m proud to be part of such a strong group of individuals and I’m so happy that there’s a place where we can all come together and share what we do!” she said.

Rachel Lieberman of Bottles Up

SU senior Remi Lubcher founded and runs her own brand, Snipped and Styled, which creates custom-designed and styled apparel perfect for day-drinks, tailgates, class and everyday wear. “The shop is such a fun and innovative way of connecting millennial vendors to one another,” she said.

Snipped and Styled founder Remi Lubcher

Jessica Liebeskind is an alum of Syracuse University Class of 1998 and has created her own cosmetic company, Vintage. “I found my passion for beauty in the AEPhi house in Syracuse, so being able to share my collection with young college women made participating in the pop-up shop not only exciting, but also an ideal partnership!” she said.

Jessica Liebeskind, creator of Vintage Cosmetics

Overall, the event is a great opportunity for both business owners and customers– both students– to connect with one another. Miranda Brody, a sophomore at Syracuse and creator of Beanback, is looking forward to “showcasing Beanback and networking with other students and entrepreneurs.”

Miranda Brody of Beanback

For more information regarding this weekend’s event, check out their page here.

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