This Instagram account shows how stupid ‘Cuse fuckboys are

@fuckboysofcuse is all too accurate

When senior and Supply Chain Management major Tina Zheng created the @fuckboysofcuse Instagram, she had no idea how popular the account would become. With over 500 followers and counting, (Zheng estimates she gets at least 50 new followers/day), the account is growing into a huge success– and it’s target? Fuckboys: the one thing that brings together all ‘Cuse girls.

Zheng decided to start the account on 4/24 after “stumbing across a @fuckboysofnova account…within minutes I created this account because I knew the submissions were going to be fire. Syracuse is the #1 party school, so I knew it [the submissions] wouldn’t disappoint.”

The messages are insane- and range from aggressive booty calls, to these boys drunk-texting, throwing shade, and more. It just goes to show you how unromantic ‘Cuse boys really are (like, maybe learn some manners?). But, it does make for great entertainment.

Zheng says she gets a couple of submissions each day and she combs through her emails and selects the funniest ones. Although, sometimes, she’ll even share her own messages. “A couple of months ago, I finally become single after eight years of relationships. Sometimes, I get the occasional late-night texts, but this year I just wanted to hang out and enjoy senior year. I’ll either let the guy know I’m not interested, or just ignore until they (eventually) get the hint,” she said. However, if she does end up posting her own messages, she’ll give the guy a heads-up so he’s not offended. #compassionate

Overall, the Insta account is a huge success. “I’m mindblown that these girls are getting these fuckboy messages, but I hope that by posting them, we don’t feel so alone and we can all laugh about it,” she said.

With graduation coming up in a few days, Zheng has no plans to stop posting. She says she’ll keep posting submissions through the summer, and plans on handing down the account by next semester. “I’m so happy I’m leaving my mark on SU this way, though!” she exclaimed.


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