This delivery service will solve all of your problems

GoPuff has everything you could possibly think of and need… like, literally everything.

We can all agree that college is an endless cycle of desperately needing something, but not having the means to get it. Whether it’s too late to go to a store, you’re a freshman without a car, or you’re simply too lazy to get out of bed, GoPuff will bring you whatever it is that you may need.

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GoPuff has a warehouse in select cities – thankfully, including Syracuse – where they house thousands upon thousands of products that people need every day, ready to be delivered to your door. When you order something from their website, they deliver it to you in guaranteed 30 minutes or less. Yes, you read that right, only 30 minutes. What’s even better is that they deliver until 4:20am (lol, we see what you did there).

The selection of what you can purchase never ends. The categories include Sips N’ Chasers, Healthies, Munchies, Go Fresh, I Scream (for ice cream), GoGrub, Essentials, Frozen, Party, GoPet, Electronics, Office Supplies, Homey, Hookah & Shisha, High Rollers, Vaporizers, and Puff Stuff, and lastly, even Plan B (never fear walking into CVS hungover buying this again!).  So basically, everything but the kitchen sink.

The delivery fee is only $1.75 for your entire purchase, and if you spend more than $50, your delivery fee is eliminated. On top of that (I know what you’re thinking. There’s more?!), when you buy things, you rack up Puff Points which can then be used to get free items once you have enough saved up. And getting to that point won’t take long, since you can use GoPuff for literally every situation.

via GoPuff instagram

There’s also an app for both iPhone and Android that makes purchasing your items even easier! What more could you ask for? GoPuff is the perfect solution to any college student’s problem.

I assume you’re already on the website looking at the insanely large selection of snacks and rolling papers, so go on and order to discover for yourself the true magic that is GoPuff.

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