Seniors say Good-Bye to Chuck’s

‘Rest peacefully, my sweet prince, I’ll never forget you.’


Hungry Charlie’s.


Call it what you will, but no matter what, the most “elite” bar on campus is closing, maybe for good. As it is the ultimate destination for those who have finally hit the 21 milestone (as we all know no fake is ever good enough to get you in the door), it seemed only fitting for it to get a proper goodbye.

Christy Fox

Chuck’s never felt exclusive and I never felt judged for standing on a booth and aggressively screaming my heart out to Taylor Swift when they played 22 and Blank Space back to back. I felt comfortable whether I was in a formal dress or a flannel. I became oddly familiar with the staff, particularly the woman who takes cover who may be the nicest human being on the planet. I even had this cute joke running with the bartenders where they would give me four cups for my pitcher when we all knew good and well that it was just for me. I can confidently say that my college experience would not have been the same without Chucks’ dive bar charm. I have, however, become increasingly jaded as they have started to rob me and my fellow broke college students blind with $10 and $20 cover. Like, Chucks, you’re great, but you’re not pay $20 to stand cheek to cheek like a can of sardines with the entire drunken senior class in 70 degree heat great. I’ll gladly hold near the memories I already have and take my business elsewhere to one of the other great (and still open) bars on Marshall (looking at you, @faegans.) I will say that I was at my happiest with a pitcher in hand, boots on a booth, and Avril Lavigne angst playing on the projector. I just wish we didn’t have to go out this way. Rest peacefully, my sweet prince, I’ll never forget you.

Joss Anne

Chucks- my fave place to give zero fucks
Within your grafitti walls you’ve witnessed it all I’ve taken too many shots and there’s a lot of things I forgot
But all these times you remember, even my 21st birthday in December
I’ve consumed too much liquid cocaine and went insane
Screamed songs of the 80’s during nights with my ladies
We danced on tables even when they were unstable
And had boys buy me beer and cried Kim K tears
But nights I chose cheese fries were better than those with guys
All the times it was so lit and there was no place to sit
And you spent the whole time in the bathroom line
It was still rad and the end is really fuckin sad

Patty Terhune

Chucks, you were a great place to spend too much money and now I’ll find another bar because the thirst of capitalism cannot be quenched.

Rachel Lockhart

Let’s be real, Chuck’s fucking sucks quite honestly. Like they play good music once a week.

Nicolle Glover

Chucks closing is kind of like the sign of closing a chapter. As a senior, chucks has been my Thursday-Saturday (with an occasional Wednesday night) spot for seeing old friends (and hookups and exes), dancing to songs that came out when I was in elementary school, and just embracing good times with all of my friends. It makes more sense because through there have been some bad times, to all the good, there will always be a spot in my heart for chucks (and a hole in my wallet, too).

Ali Searcy

I’ve seen a lot at Chucks: birthdays, celebrations at the end of capstones, game day wins and losses. But the moments that stood out to me the most were those when a current SU student would come to Chucks with their parents who also attended SU. The Orange love runs so deep and that kind of bond is unmatched because it combines your biological family with your university family. I’m marrying my college sweetheart next June and it breaks my heart that we won’t be able to show our future children how much we loved our youth and our university experience at Chucks.

R.I.P. Chucks. Will you be missed?

Syracuse University