Struggles only South Campus students face


South Campus: the place everyone loves to hate. Except for the people who live on South, we just hate it. While I could go on for hours about everything I dislike about South, I’ll just name my top five.

The Bus

The bus is undoubtedly the worst part about living on South Campus. There is nothing worse than getting on the bus at 3 pm and having to stand for the entirety of the trip crammed between two football players. However, it does not even compare to trying to take the bus back after a basketball game at the Dome. With all the non-student spectators trying to get back to Manley to get back to their cars, expect to wait…a really long time. Not to mention the weird things that happen on the bus. I saw someone bring a small dog on the bus the other day. I was kind of impressed but also confused.

Goldstein Dining

The first week of eating at Goldstein is great, you can’t really beat filling up an entire tray of food for the price of one meal swipe. Though after that one week the same unhealthy and greasy options get old. So does the weird, burnt oil crossed with stale Chinese food, crossed with cleaning supplies smell.

None of your main campus friends want to come to South

never leaving this bed to go to south

Getting them to agree to come is half the battle since there’s not much to do, the other half is explaining how to get to South Campus. I can’t even count the number of times I have had to text step-by-step instructions on how to take the bus to South. I’m considering teaching a class on it next semester.

The long commute from South to Marshall Street

Chipotle is worth it though

If you live on South and you want to spend your night at Marshall Street, extensive planning is needed. First, you need to account for the 10-15 minute bus ride to get to College Place, then the 10 minute walk to Marshall. You also need to dress sensibly for the journey. Looking cute in your heels is not worth the risk of rolling your ankle walking up University Ave, ladies (but let’s be honest we all still do it anyway). And never ever forget your fracket.

You always have to plan your days ahead because chances are you won’t be able to get back to South in between classes:

you basically live in Bird in between classes

The bus ride alone is 15+ minutes each way, and that doesn’t even account for waiting for the time waiting at the stop. I leave South Campus at 8 am and don’t return until 7 pm. It’s not fun. 0/10 recommend.

Even though there’s a lot of crappy things about South Campus, getting on the bus and having “The Flying Bus Man” as your driver makes it all worth it.



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