Students evacuated from Falk College due to fire drill

Fire trucks were on the scene

Students were evacuated from Falk College this afternoon at around 2pm because of a fire drill. No fire was present. 

Students around campus were on high alert as fire trucks went speeding up to Falk College of Sports Management and Human Dynamics’s on Syracuse’s west campus.

Rachel Brennen, a freshman at Syracuse, was on her way to her 2pm class in Falk when she saw a large crowd outside from below on Irving Avenue. Brennen said students were outside for approximately 10 minutes before being let back into the building. 

Falk College, which took over a second location– the former law school building, was recently renovated. A campus cafe opened this fall and includes students favorites such as a full salad bar, smoothies, and an extensive bakery.

The building is also home to Grant Auditorium, one of the university’s largest lecture halls which is used back to back throughout the day. Additionally, Falk is also home to  the National Veterans Resource Complex, the center of veterans affairs on campus.

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