PSA: Chuck’s to relocate for next academic year

The beloved bar posted a statement on Facebook on Thursday night

The beloved Syracuse bar Hungry Chuck’s posted a Facebook status on Thursday night saying it would be leaving the hill on 20 April. (Sorry seniors.) The statement also said it would be reopening somewhere else on the hill for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Last week, The Newshouse collaborated with Chuck’s on an April Fools joke, saying the bar would relocate to an empty lot on South Crouse Avenue between Marshall and Waverly. As of right now, Chuck’s has not released any information on where its new location will be.

Steve Theobald, the owner of Chuck’s, has refused to go down without a fight. Just two weeks ago, he filed a restraining order against the new landlord, hoping to lengthen the time that Chuck’s has in its current space. Following the restraining order, Theobald filed a lawsuit regarding the asbestos abatement disagreement.

Theobald was not available for comment at the time of the press release.

The Tab Syracuse will continue to report on the status of Chuck’s new location.

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