Bandier Program to move from VPA to Newhouse

Syracuse University’s music industry program is officially being moved from VPA to Newhouse.

It was officially announced today that Syracuse University’s prestigious Martin Bandier Program for the music and entertainment industries ¬†will be moving from the school of Visual and Performing Arts to the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

According to Billboard, the decision of the move was made in order to ensure that Bandier students who are not interested in performance are given the same opportunities as everyone else in the program. The university anticipates to change the program name to the Martin Bandier Program for the Music Business and Entertainment Industries once the transfer is made, to accurately capture the entirety of the program.

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Martin Bandier, the 1962 alumnus who the program is named after, expressed his support of the move, saying “The Bandier Program is honored to join the Newhouse School, where it will continue to provide curricula that will prepare students for the ever transforming and growing music and entertainment industries.”

It is also a possibility that Bandier will contribute a large donation to his namesake program, in order to further help students excel while studying in the field.

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