BREAKING: Syracuse fourth-year passed away on Thursday

David Heinrich suffered from an existing illness that took his life

David Heinrich, a student in the School of Architecture at Syracuse University, passed away on Thursday, March 9. Syracuse University sent out an official email on Friday evening.

The email stated that David passed away from an existing illness. He was from Arlington Heights, Illinois.

David was a fourth year architecture student and a member of The American Institute of Architecture Students. The School of Architecture is home to approximately 550 students. The impact of Heinrich’s passing will be felt heavily within the college and on campus.

This is the first student passing to occur since the new year began.

The University reminds campus community memebers of its various services to those who are struggling with the loss of a fellow student. The Counseling Center is available 24/7 at 315.443.4715. Other resources on campus include Hendrick’s Chapel, Health Services, and The Office of Student Assistance.


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