BBB is actually the best, here’s why

BBB is not only the best Freshmen dorm on campus, it’s also one of the best things about SU


College, the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking experience for young adults. Aside from the dreadful application process and the anxious waiting game for admission decisions, housing assignments are another heart racing moment especially for incoming Freshmen at Syracuse University.

Out of all the freshmen dorm buildings, Brewster, Boland, and Brockway (BBB) halls are probably the most undesired dorms by freshmen. But to me, who lives in Haven which is a mix community with upperclassmen and only steps away from main campus, BBB is beyond unappreciated and definitely deserves more love and recognition.

For the Freshmen and only the Freshmen

Brewster, Boland, and Brockway are completely freshmen buildings which means all the residents are all first year students. This structure is a great way for first year students to make friends and build strong bonds with one another. Being a freshmen at a school with 21,492 students can be little intimidating so having a small group of friends from your floor will place your mind, and nerves, at ease. Even if you aren’t the best of friends with your floor mates, you have the option of heading over to the other two buildings and mingling over there. You’ll never run out of opportunities to make new friends. But most importantly, BBB allows first year students to smoothly transition into college life with other students who are just as excited and clueless as themselves.

Welcome to Narnia

Yes, BBB is isolated from main campus (by some killer hills and stairs), but who doesn’t love a little privacy? The residents are away from the hustle and bustle of main campus which most dorms suffer with unless they’re Flint and Day (if you live there, your calves will be amazing with all those stairs). Isolation may not sound like the greatest thing for a freshmen but escaping to the quiet three building complex after a long day of classes sounds pretty great. Trust me, you would much rather be at BBB on a Saturday night than at Haven while students are wandering up and down Comstock.

The Den

“The Den” is practically a saving grace for the freshmen of BBB. It’s a common area equipped with a late night snack bar, laundry room,  gym facility, study area, and computer space. The best part about the Den is that it’s accessible by all residents of the complex. So if you think about it, you really only have to leave BBB for classes. Feeling a little, or a lot, lazy? No need to sweat J
A part of BBB’s “The Den” is the late night snack bar which is open from 7:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Aka food at 11:00 p.m. during a late night study session without having to change out of your PJs. They have a wide variety hot foods to choose from like pizza to chicken tenders to seasoned fries to even pretzels. Or if you’re in the mood for well deserved junk food after walking up the stairs to main campus, you can pick up a bag of Lays chips or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked. The cherry on top of this sweet treat is that the bar accepts SUpercard money on your SU ID. You don’t have to worry about fumbling and looking around for spare change or dip into your savings for your late night snack! Need I say more? P.S. they make the best milkshakes.

The Holy Trinity for freshmen

 For many first year students, college is the first time they’re living on their own. Freshmen can no longer rely on their parents’ for meals, laundry, or, in complete honesty, anything. Fortunately for BBB residents, the Brockway dining hall, laundry, and gym are all in one spot. Flustered freshmen already have to deal with maneuvering around campus without getting lost for the fifth time of the week. For BBB residents, knowing where to eat, do laundry, and workout crosses off three possible new locations to learn. Figuring out how to do your laundry without turning all the white clothes pink is stressful enough. But most importantly, keep in mind Syracuse’s brutal winters. No one wants to trek in the cold for dinner.

BBB pride

Rule no. 1 of living on Syracuse’s campus: Never bad mouth BBB around the residents. The amount of pride for BBB from residents is beyond astonishing. Since the hall receives a decent amount of distaste from many freshmen, BBB residents band together to prove their dorm is the best dorm on campus. There is a great sense of camaraderie among the freshmen in the hall which sends good vibes all around and creates a peaceful living environment. Residents definitely bleed BBB like ‘Cuse students bleed Orange!
BBB is one of the many hidden gems of Syracuse University. As a freshman, you should keep an open mind as you embark on this new journey of your life. So if you live in BBB and still doubting its potential, it’s time to embrace your BBB family!
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