Stomach virus outbreak at Syracuse University

Cleaning crews haven’t stopped scrubbing bathrooms

Just as our amazing weekend full of warm weather, tailgates and cheer comes to a close, many students find themselves in a not-so-amazing position anymore. Students in four halls are suffering from a stomach virus.

Day Hall, Marion Hall, Booth Hall and Kimmel Hall residents received an important notice from Health Services about the recent outbreak.

According to the emails, a few students in each building have experienced symptoms of a stomach bug, a viral illness that typically lasts less than 24 hours. Health Services recommended all students wash their hands frequently, especially before eating. They added that students should also stay hydrated by taking small frequent sips of fluid.

As a result of the outbreaks, cleaning crews are constantly scrubbing down bathrooms in select dorms. Residents of Marion Hall told The Tab the cleaning crew has not stopped scrubbing their bathrooms.

Other students have said they are suffering from pink eye.

It is starting to seem like the majority campus is sick. Some students are even relocating to the Sheraton in attempt to stay healthy.

If your eyes seem pinker than usual and are itchy, then make sure to throw out old eye makeup and try to refrain from rubbing or touching your eyes.

So, if you are healthy continue to do what you are doing. And if you are sick, just know that you are not alone.

Syracuse University