All the Snapchats you’ve definitely taken on a night out

Because if you didn’t take a picture did it really happen?

What would we do without snapchat? It’s one of the most used forms of social media for college students. In fact, your own snap story is sometimes the only way of accurately piecing together exactly what happened last night.

Some say our generation posts too much on social media, and that “the party couldn’t have been too much fun if everyone was just taking pictures of it.” But I say, keep on snapping. Document those sweaty parties and 2am freezing walks home. Odds are, you won’t reflect on your college years wishing you had taken less pictures to look back on.

As collected from the Snapchat archives of SU students, here are all the snapchats that you’ve definitely taken on a night out.

The one that shows off all the alcohol you will soon be consuming



The one of anything involving a red solo cup


The one you took on the way to the party to show your friends back home how real the going out struggle is here at Cuse


The one when you asked a way too drunk person to take a group picture of your squad


The one you don’t remember having taken due to whatever used to be in that bottle


The one when you tried to capture how cool that frat basement party was and it came out like this


The one of the weird places you end up in on campus during walks back to your dorm


The one you took of your friend that they made you delete first thing in the morning


…And of course, the best way to end a night

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