What every student wishes their mom could help them with at college

Because doing laundry is a struggle

When you go to college, you begin to rely on yourself more. But, if you had the choice,  you might wish your mom could give you a hand with some newfound responsibilities.

Take care of us when we are sick


It is more likely to get sick while living in closed quarters, like a dorm room. Being around people 24/7, walking in cold weather, being stressed out and being sleep deprived do not help with your health issues.

This is the thing all college students dread: getting sick while at college. It is hard enough to live life on your own, but being sick makes living life even harder. What medicine should I take? What should I eat? What happens when you are too sick to leave bed? 

Drive us around


Another daily struggle college students face is having to walk everywhere. If you choose not to walk, your other options include figuring out the bus schedule or paying for a cab. 

Buy us food

The closest thing to this arrives in care packages...

The closest thing to this arrives in care packages…

…or even better, take us out to dinner. As one of the many “broke college students” attending Syracuse University, I know firsthand how fast you can blow through money, especially when it is spent on food. Not only do students spend their money to run errands and go grocery shopping, but they also spend money on buying meals. There are so many places to grab lunch and dinner near campus, and it seems like there are endless restaurants to order food from. In fact, since GrubHub allows people to order food online, the hassle of talking to someone on the phone is avoided. GrubHub makes ordering food much easier students, so they end up using it more often. As a result of food purchases, your mom may ask where your money went. 

Do our laundry


As college students, we are very busy…and lazy. We may even find ourselves waiting to do our laundry until we absolutely have to. Not only does it take at least an hour and a half of actual laundry time, but it also takes added time to transfer laundry from the dorm room to the laundry room, from the washing machine to the dryer, from the dryer to the laundry bin and back to the dorm room. Then, if we are lucky enough to have completely dry laundry, it’s folding time. Laundry is a task that ends up using a huge chunk of our time.

Help organize and clean our dorm rooms


Another struggle some college students face is having a messy room. Even you have something as simple as clothes on the ground, a full garbage can, an unorganized desk or an unmade bed, it is very easy for a small dorm room to get dirty. 

Hang out with us


After being away from your mom for such a long time, you start to miss her. 

Even though you miss all of these things your mom could help you out with, it just makes going back home even better.

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