Remi Lubcher: Snipping and Styling SU

You know who to call for your Homecoming attire

Remi Lubcher has done us all a favor: turning that tailgate, camp, concert or basic white-tee you have into a creative and stylish shirt with her own company Snipped and Styled.

As college students, we always try to find different activities and situations to be involved on campus with. Clubs, social life, greek life, getting money, food and internships are just some of the thoughts we constantly have, not to mention that GPA and midterms that sneak up on you.

But, imagine doing all this and having to manage a successful business, be featured in Cosmo and then have to deal with orders and customers from all over the country and, just starting, worldwide? Well, that one person is Remi Lubcher.

Being a sophomore and having your own company might sound a little bit too much, but Remi sure knows how to handle her plate.

Snipped and Styled is the name and it’s hitting strong like a wave. Having already been in the business for some time now, Remi has been able to create an immense group and following with her company. With a feature in an enormous amount of publications like the DO, Zipped, NCC News, and (most recently) COSMOPOLITAN, Remi is growing and becoming a brand to recon with.

Remi modeling one of her shirts.

How did you see that there was an opportunity for this and you said “Oh damn, this is it. This is Snipped & Styled?”

I think that it started by me doing it to all my shirts and people saw my designs and started gravitating to them. And then I thought to myself, I love social media, I love being a leader, people have told me I have a boss personality, so of course I would love to have my own company. So, I think my personality and my product that I created really worked well together.

Did you ever think Snipped and Styled would spread to so many universities like Penn State, Michigan State and others in California, Florida, etc?

I never expected this. I had a lot of friends that were going to school all around the country so I never actually expected this to go and grow how it actually is.

I always thought that my friends were just going to where them at U Texas and U Michigan, and didn’t realize that people were saying how do you know this person and this other person and that’s how it grew into what it is.

So this summer, I saw that you worked for Rebecca Minkoff and she was with your shirts, how was that for you?

So this actually happened because of a Syracuse connection, and one of her interns brought it to her boss that gave it to Rebecca herself to see.

We exchanged some emails back and forth, and they wanted me to do a tutorial, then maybe cut some of Rebecca’s shirts but then they said that “You have more of a college demographic audience, so just bring your product here.”

She told me her story and it was really inspirational and she said it all began with a simple shirt.

Remi with Rebecca Minkoff @ the Snipped and Style trunk show @Chelsea, NY.

The next time I’m walking into Nordstrom or Bloomingdales will I see a whole Sniped aisle?

I don’t know necessarily if I want to go to retail or if I want to make my own store. I have learned with time what makes me the biggest profit margins and what is more beneficial to me. I like taking the product into my hands and make it a more personal collection with the customer.

How does it work to get a shirt Sniped & Styled?

I just finished developing my website. It has all my info, frequent questions and the Sniped and Style guide, which has all the pictures of the shirts and the different styles and names. So when you are ready to place your order, you just go through, and put all your info so you can get your shirt.

But I have 2 types that you can get. You can get a finished shirt from your college, because I carry inventory right now or you can get your own shirt customized. Or you send me a specific shirt that you want to get customized and I make it how you decided to.

Remi doing another trunk show and repping Snipped and Styled

So with your major, where are you taking Snipped and Styled?

So, I just switched from Broadcasting to Advertisement, which makes more sense. I always pick my Advertisement professor’s brain about Snipped and Styled and he loves it and gives me really good advice about it.

I think there are a lot of places this brand can go. I’ve developed this following and brand loyalty with it that maybe I can do something that is completely different and it might work.

Obviously I’m not going to do furniture, but maybe another piece of clothing or accessory. I’m not thinking about the shirt, I want to concentrate in creating this brand and my relationship with customers. I want to create the idea of “Wow, that’s a Snipped and Styled.”

You just got featured in Cosmopolitan which is huge for you, how did you feel about this and how did it happen?

This was so crazy for me. I actually did not know about this and they found me. My friend texted me and said “Congrats on the Cosmo article” and I had no idea what they were talking about.

I saw it, then I instantly emailed them after and thanked them because of this. We are talking about doing a feature with me soon. They wanted to make like a how-to, so they posted designs on their page. I got so many followers and an influx of orders that helped me jump a lot further.

Snipped and Styled getting featured @ Cosmo Mag.

Do you think this has made you grow, maybe even go global?

That would be ideal for me. Actually right now I am in Puerto Rico, which is pretty big and were getting on the fringe. One of my camp counselors is from England and is getting his sister and friends a shirt, so its starting.

So, in 2 words sum up Snipped and Styled.

(laughs) Unique and Cutting-edge. No pun intended with Snipped and Cutting.

In 2 words, tell me who Remi Lubcher is.

Remi is confident and innovative.

And lastly, who is the Snipped and Styled girl?


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