Hundreds of students stage walk out and protest Trump in Palo Alto

They’re demanding ‘sanctuary status’ for Stanford

Hundreds of students and faculty members walked out of classes yesterday to demand ‘sanctuary status’ for Stanford in light of Trump’s proposed immigration plans.

This will make it a place of refuge against the deportation Trump says he will seek in his presidency.

According to Mercury News, high school students from Palo Alto high also joined the protest that was said to be a demonstration of unity rather than being solely anti-Trump.

Dominique Reliford, an 18-year-old psychology told Mercury News she was demonstrating as part of Stanford’s Pilipino-American Student Union.

The demonstration was organized, “to share a message of healing and love for each other in these hard times.”

This came along with an open letter, signed by hundreds of people, addressed to President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Provost John Etchemendy. As reported by SF Gate, the letter urged them to ‘immediately develop a protocol for making itself a sanctuary campus’.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city, meaning they have adopted local law enforcement policies that limit their cooperation with federal immigration authorities when it comes to deporting citizens simply on the basis of being undocumented.


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