Mistakes you’ll inevitably make your freshman year at Stanford

Forget to get a flu shot – then get the flu

Freshman year of college is terrifying.

Some people come into fall quarter super prepared after spending the entire summer researching campus organizations, making a four year plan and shopping for dorm decor. Others like myself started packing the morning of move-in.

But regardless of how much time you spent on your school’s website over the summer, there are a few basic mistakes every freshman’s bound to make.

Forget the names of people on your floor

Generic College Hallway

And forget to ask for their name until it’s too late so you accept that you’ll never know their name.

Get into bike accidents


Especially if you didn’t ride bikes throughout high school and don’t really know traffic laws, trying to bike while simultaneously finding your classes and swerving leads to unpleasant encounters. Like collisions.

Get lost

New Student Orientation

College campuses are big. It happens.

Forget to get a flu shot. Then get the flu

Sick College Kid :(

Frosh fall plague hits everyone hard. Before you know it, your entire floor is coughing and sniffling.

Concede to your sleep deprivation and start ditching lectures


Note: this is totally excusable if your lectures are filmed and posted online.

Get locked out of your room

I forgot my keys again

You’ll never forget that feeling of dread when you close your door and immediately realize you left your keys on your desk.

Treat the dining hall like a buffet and eat too much at every single meal

Well Rounded Meal

You may also forget to eat vegetables, get overwhelmed by the pasta bar, and make countless unhealthy diet choices.

Suffer from serious FOMO

Stanford Red Zone

FOMO, also known as ‘fear of missing out,’ is a very real, very serious affliction.

Forget to do an assignment.. Or to attend a class

The moment you realize you forgot about a class

Pictured here is the exact moment this college freshman realized he forgot to attend a class, captured via Snapchat.

Pass out somewhere that isn’t your bed

PTFO pt. 2

Pictured here is another college freshman who didn’t quite make it to her bed. Or her room.

Stanford University