Stanford is one of the most sleep deprived universities in North America

Need a nap?

As midterm season nears and the Bender Room in Green turns into your favorite place on campus, we should all recognize the important role of sleep in overall school performance.

Jawbone, a Fitness tracking company, has surveyed over 100 American schools and gathered data of student’s sleep habits. After tracking a total of 1.4 million nights of sleep college students were getting across the U.S., the results revealed Stanford to be one of the most sleep deprived universities.

Research continues to emphasize the importance of sleep, yet students choose to ignore these results in the hope of cramming that extra hour of material before a test. Jawbone states, “Good sleep is strongly linked to learning, memory, creativity, and problem solving. However, poor sleep habits notoriously plague college and university students, depriving them of performing their best when it matters the most.”

On average, Stanford students go to bed at 12:31 am on weekdays and wake up at 8:13am which results in 7.02 hours of sleep per night. Research found that a correlation exists between a later bedtime and the ranking of the school. Results show “the tougher the school, the later the students go to bed.”

Ironically, the “smarter” students are failing to realize that hitting the sack earlier instead of staying up late to cram is a better option to improve their test taking abilities the next day.

Stanford University