Why we need compostable cups at the Stanford Starbucks

How your Starbucks addiction is making a lasting impact on our planet

A petition is underway to bring compostable cups to the Stanford Starbucks – and it’s already picked up 635 signatures.

Students from the zero waste group of Students for a Sustainable Stanford drafted the petition because the cups that our Starbucks uses are neither compostable nor recyclable.


Although they look like they are paper cups, they actually have a thin plastic liner on the inside of the cup that makes the cups unable to be composted or recycled.


Stanford students and faculty can make a statement by signing the petition here and by bringing a reusable cup to Starbucks (10 cents off your drink when you do).

Stanford is competing in Recylemania, a two month-long competition between 400+ universities across the country, so there’s no better time to start considering how you can reduce your environmental footprint.

The goal of Recyclemania is to reduce waste campus wide by reusing, recycling, and composting more.

Currently, only 24 percent of what gets thrown in the trash at Stanford actually belongs there.

Although this statistic is disappointing, it means that there is so much room for improvement and the Stanford community can make a change starting today.

Sign the pledge to reduce waste here.

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