Yonder Field: Small town South Carolina turns big festival venue

Coming this spring

Yonder Field plans to open in the spring of 2017 and promises a live entertainment venue perfect for music festivals. It will be located between Columbia and Charleston in small town Bowman, SC. The venue plans to be unique and hold many accommodations for its renters and its attendees.

South Carolina is a great place for a big festival venue. The weather is hard to compete with making it perfect for camping festivals, and the rural land’s unmatched beauty makes it perfect for music. Plus, rural areas between two cities make for a good festival venue, just look at Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. Most of the tourist revenue comes in through Charleston and Myrtle Beach, but it would be new and exciting to be known for more than just the coast. People coming from all over to listen to music fill the southern air does not sound so bad to me.

The President, General Manager and owner of the land, Stacie White, seems to know exactly what she is doing with Yonder Field. With 218 acres to work with, she has decided to make all infrastructures temporary. That means anyone who rents out the space gets stages and other accommodations, and they get to choose where they go. This kind of landscape freedom is sure to draw in promoters. White has been preparing herself for a job like this for twenty years. Her LinkedIn page shows a pretty impressive résumé in event management with gigs like VIP Program Manager for Bonnaroo to CFO and Production/Operations Director of Big Whitey Productions. She is sure to do what it takes to make the venue succeed.

White does not just want the renters to have freedom but the attendees as well. The main stage will have the capacity to hold 30,000 people; the general standing public will be allowed fourteen square feet each. She is giving her audience the ability to choose exactly how they want to spend their music listening experience. That means two people would have enough space to kick around a soccer ball while a concert goes on.

Yonder Field is a great opportunity for South Carolina to gain some musical culture and share its beautiful rural landscapes. As for me, I am from small town South Carolina and looked up how far the venue will be from my family home, and it is only twenty-one miles. As a complete festival junkie, that makes me very happy!

University of South Carolina