I tried out The Leaf by Bellabeat, the fitness tracker that also tracks your period

You know, the one taking over your Pinterest?

After seeing the Leaf by Bellabeat all over Pinterest, I finally got one for Christmas. The Leaf is supposed to be a new kind of fitness tracker that tracks steps, stress level, sleep level and even your period.

The one difference is the Leaf is a fashionable accessory that can be worn as a necklace, clip or bracelet. After close to two months, these are my thoughts.

I think the Leaf by Bellabeat is a great tracker for someone that walks a lot and wants to see how far they’ve walked throughout the day, but not for people that do other forms of exercise.

As someone who tends to do more weight lifting exercises and hit sessions than walking on the treadmill or running, I like that I can see how much I’ve walked throughout my day going from class to class, but I don’t like that it doesn’t recognize my weightlifting or other activities. I understand that it never said it would and that you can manually input the information, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a fitness tracker.

I love that it tracks my steps throughout my day, and also my sleep, so I can monitor how many hours I sleep, but the period tracker can be confusing to use if you are already tracking your period with another app.

I think that if you didn’t previously track your period it would be a great thing to have. For me personally, I should have done more research on what the product actually does before getting it for Christmas, instead of getting sucked into its cute Ads. But regardless, it definitely lives up in the cuteness department.

I love the look of the Leaf, but I really only wear it as a clip. As someone with relatively small wrists, the Leaf is a little too bulky to be worn as a bracelet for me and looks too big as a pendant for a necklace.

If you don’t have any other apps for period tracking, pedometer, or meditation, I would definitely recommend the leaf by Bellabeat, but if you already have those I would say it’s not worth the money.

University of South Carolina