Lady Gaga’s halftime performance was exactly the performance America needed

We must come together despite politics

Millions of fans tuned in Sunday night to watch the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots battle it out in Super Bowl LI. The game is the perfect podium for promoting products (usually through puppies and tears) and promoting ideas. Last year, the half time show included Beyonce’s performance of her then new song “Formation” which promoted the Black Lives Matter movement. This year, the buzz around Lady Gaga’s upcoming halftime performance was even stronger than usual.

The political climate lately as been in total turmoil. Donald Trump’s first actions as POTUS have caused controversy resulting in multiple protests. Liberals are fearing for the rights of women and minorities while conservatives are frustrated with the backlash against Trump. If there were¬†ever a time for Gaga’s sparkle, it’s definitely now.

There was much speculation beforehand whether or not Gaga would make some type of political statement during her performance. It’s hard to imagine a celebrity not using such a platform to¬†spread what they believe in. Gaga did exactly this, just without the partisanship everyone expected.

The show began on the top of the stadium below a sky full of stars. Gaga’s silver body suit shone like a beacon of fabulousness in the darkness. In a crystal clear voice she sang Amazing Grace. The audience was entranced from the stands to living rooms across the country. The stars behind changed colors and moved together to form a flowing American flag, as she transitioned into This Land is Your Land. Beneath the glow of the flag Gaga recited the pledge of allegiance, and with a movement which brought to mind both a spider monkey and a bald eagle, leapt from her perch into the stadium.


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Gaga didn’t bring up politics. She didn’t remind us of our anger or our confusion. Her performance didn’t cause anyone to scoff at their neighbor because they disagreed. Instead she reminded us of what we knew all along: we are all Americans and if we can come together to watch a football game, we can come together as a country.

There are always going to be policies that cause controversy and we will always need to stand up for what we believe in, but it’s important to remember to believe.

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