Latitude 22 is, hands down, the worst bar at South Carolina

Most visited, but most disliked

Latitude 22, though arguably the most popular, should be everyone’s least favorite.

You run into the same people every weekend

Going out is about meeting people, but every time you go to Lattitude you see the same faces you saw the last time. Meet new people…explore new bars.

Pitchers aren’t worth the money

Perhaps the pitchers are full of Everclear, but they’re also filled with a lot of sugar and very little alcohol. The $10 pitcher probably only has a couple shots of alcohol, and the rest is filled with sprite. Save some money, and get a couple drinks you actually like.

The music is hit or miss

Some weekends the music is great- filled with popular songs and early 2000’s music. Other times, you go and they are playing songs from Frozen and bad country music. Personally, I’d rather go to a bar that plays no music so people can talk, or at least the top 100 charts.

It’s where every college kid goes

Granted this isn’t the bar’s fault, but at the beginning of college, this was where we all went… every single weekend. When you go to the same bar constantly, it gets boring. Latitude is like a toy you played with all the time as a kid- you’re sick of it and ready for something new.

There’s nothing to do

Latitude doesn’t have anything to do. Coming from someone who rarely drinks, but goes out with friends, I’d like something to be available to entertain me. At one point Latitude had ring toss, but that’s gone away since. Can’t they add darts or something? Because the one pool table doesn’t offer much entertainment.

The bathroom never works

I understand that managing a bathroom while the bar is filled is difficult, but the last thing we want when we have to go to the bathroom is two stalls clogged with throw up.

It’s time to leave the past in the past

Even though we may not love it anymore we’ll always have the memories from Latitude. It was a part of our first bar experience, and we’ll always remember it as such, but we should be ready to move on and expand bar choices.

University of South Carolina