An ode to tailgating at USC

I would like to thank beer

Ahh football season, when the weather is warm, clothing is minimal, and beers magically stay cool. *Thank you Yeti gods.

I have learned a lot about myself over this past football season, and most of it does not have to do with beer.

Just kidding, it’s almost entirely beer related.


But on a serious note, this football season has been pretty magical for University of South Carolina. We are almost getting good at football again! Some people thank Blake Mitchell, others pay tribute to Coach Muschamp, and others are crediting the football team as a whole for pulling through and giving us USC fans the W.

I am going to out on a limb and thanking beer.


This weekend, the football season comes to a close with our final home game of the season. Our beloved tailgating will be no longer, and Yetis will go into hibernation for a long, cold, and harsh winter. Cozies can no longer be shown to the world; they will be confined within the walls of our homes. A sand storming will go back to being a phrase that involves sand during storms, and not blacked out college students shouting obscene phrases about “cocks.”

Best. Mascot. Ever.


So here is an ode, an ode to our season, and to our very own fighting spirit

Because we made it,
We made it past lists at memorial,
Past the frat lot bans and really bad tans.

We shot gunned our beers,
Consumed liquor ‘til no end.
We screamed, we squirmed
And we were brought to tears
By our very first win.

From fumbles and drives
To dropped burgers
And half eaten fries,
We huddle as a team
And delivered field goals
Like a dream,
Like a team.

May next season be great,
Like the beer in our kegs.
May our offense be on lock,
Our chants continue to yell
And may we Go
Drive for the goal
May USC win today
And every day.
So let’s give a cheer
Carolina is here
The Fighting Gamecocks all the Way.


University of South Carolina