USC rape trial set to conclude today

Closing arguments took place at 9am

This morning marked the closing arguments for both the prosecution and defense in the rape trial of a USC student. Carlos Hernandez, 23, is on trial for raping her in January. He immigrated to this country as a child, with a visa that currently grants him temporary residency in the US.

The State describes the attack as such:

“The victim, a USC student in her early 20s, testified Monday. She said she had arrived at the apartment she shared with two other young women just off Greene Street, when she noticed the young man – Hernandez – standing nearby. With her friend having gone into the apartment, the victim asked Hernandez if he needed help.

“At that point, she felt something hard against her back and he told her he had a gun and would shoot her if she didn’t cooperate. Then he forced her to an alley, where he raped her.”

If found guilty, South Carolina could serve Hernandez a sentence of up to 30 years as well as deportation.

The prosecution have submitted video evidence of Hernandez walking behind the girl and her friend as they left Five Points. There is also eyewitness testimony about her state after the incident, bruise evidence, and DNA taken from her body that is a match with Hernandez’s DNA.

Hernandez says the victim began kissing him and then led him to a nearby alley, where they had consensual sex.

The case concludes today.

University of South Carolina