BREAKING: South Carolina sororities remove fraternity tailgate ban

The pressure was too high

In an attempt to curb the drinking at USC fraternities, and due to 43 hospitalizations in the past few weeks, the sorority council at South Carolina recently banned members from attending fraternity tailgates including any hard liquor until at least October 1.

However, due to mounting pressure, today the Fraternity and Sorority council stuck an agreement just in time for the tailgate this Saturday.

The compromise demands that no liquor, beer, or wine will be provided by any chapter, and those of legal age are allowed to bring no more than six beers for personal consumption.

According to DrinkingTicket, administration confirmed that at one point they were even considering banning all of Greek Life at the University.

A text that one of the sorority members sent a fraternity brother after attending a meeting on the ban has been leaked and is now circulating.



Total Frat Move described the ban as “the organizational equivalent of a girlfriend withholding sex until a man gets his shit together.” Of course, they had to make it about sex.

TFM continued, “Kind of fucked up how the sorority council puts all of the blame on the guys, though. Yes, fraternities are the ones serving the alcohol. But women are at just as much fault for drinking too much, throwing up in their dorm rooms, then telling their RAs, ‘I WAS AT XXXX FRAT PARTY!'”

While it was perhaps an unnecessary and “unprecedented ban,” it only seems fair to share the blame. Stay safe and hydrated this weekend USC, and remember, six beers.

University of South Carolina